Transformation Meditation – Whatever Is Lovely

Whatever Is Lovely

Transformation Meditation – Whatever Things are Lovely.

When I read the part of the scripture in Philippians 4:8 that teaches us to think on things that are lovely… My first thoughts are usually thoughts of the beauty and splendor of God’s creation.

And I guess depending on what part of the world one lives in…this will also determine what aspects of God’s beautiful creation one will ponder or contemplate.

I remember when I was a young child growing up in the Southern part of the United States of America we seem to have experienced all four seasons of the year.

I remember when Spring was Spring when summer was summer when fall was fall and when winter was winter.

I remember the beauty of the leaves on the trees changing colors during the fall season and how brilliant the colors were.

I remember the brilliant reds, the magnificent oranges and the lustrous yellows as the leaves would change colors before falling off the trees and to the ground.

I still reside in the Southern parts of the United States but the climate is a bit different and we don’t have the same trees.

Yet when the Lord admonishes us to think on things that are lovely I believe that he wants us to go a little deeper than nature and the trees that surround us.

Now please don’t misunderstand me… Because I believe that it is important that we take the time to appreciate the beauty of God’s Holiness in all of his amazing creation.

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How Deep is Your Lovely?

That’s just a play on words derived from an old song that I used to listen too.


You might know it… But nevertheless, love is a really deep subject to dive into.

But what exactly is God asking us to do when he admonishes us to think on things that are lovely?

Beloved… That’s a really good question and I believe I have a good answer for you and me.

Whatever is Lovely… Defined…

So, as we study the word “lovely” that’s found in Philippians 4:8 we discover that the word is translated from the Greek word “prosphilēs.”

The phonetic pronunciation is pros-fee-lace’.


In the English language and Thayer biblical definition the word prosphilēs” is translated as acceptable or pleasing.

Therefore my beloved friend when we read the admonition to think on whatever is lovely…we should earnestly focus on that which is acceptable or pleasing.

This is how we will be able to tap into the deeper and lovely things of God and transform our hearts and minds that we can be conformed into the image of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


What Determines What is Acceptable or Pleasing?


What?  Or better yet… I believe the better question is who?

Yes, beloved…

 the question is who determines what is acceptable or pleasing?

Listen… my dear friend. If you are a Christ follower… You already know the answer to that question.

But just in case you don’t know…

Well, it is GOD who has determined what is acceptable and pleasing.

And the very truth of the matter is that… if we wish to ever be conformed into the image of our LORD we must humble ourselves and recognize this as an unchanging truth.



The Loveliness of Life is Humility

In the Transformation Meditation episode. “Whatever is Just” one of the main verses that we focused on is found in Micah 6:8.

The verse reads as such…

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?
walk humbly with God

The part of the verse that I would like to highlight or bring to your attention is the last part which reads…

“To walk humbly with thy God.”

I guess you may be asking yourself why is to walk humbly with thy God so important to me?

And that’s a very good question, my beloved friend.

So, let me tell you why…

Well, you see it’s because without humility you and I can’t do the things that God is asking of us.

Notice in Matthew 11:29 when the Lord Jesus asked us to take his yoke upon us and learn of him… The character traits that he emphasized that we are to learn is that of being meek and humble in heart.

I find that absolutely amazing…

I mean think about it this way… Here we have the King of the world not telling us to learn how to be lords over everything and everyone…but he is asking us to learn how to be humble servants to one another.

Without meekness and humility, we can’t begin to know and understand the glorious things of God nor of his wonderfully blessed Kingdom.

Our Reasonable Service.

In Romans 12:1-2 God commands that we are to present our bodies to him as a Living Sacrifices holy and acceptable unto him.


Which is said by the Apostle Paul… Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit to be our “reasonable service.”


I always feel like God is the one who is being shortchanged when he talks about our reasonable service…


Think about this…


After all that the Lord has done and is doing and has purposed to do for us as his children…

Yes, just stop and think about that for a moment… Think about all that he has already done… That which he is doing for you now… and also the promises that he has made and purposed for your future.

Listen, I’m not sure how you feel about Romans 12:1-2, but… to me…

It’s a small thing that he asks of us.

And yet impossible without his help.

Might I remind you, dear friend, that as John 15:5 states it… Without him… Jesus… We cannot do anything.

And again… It is in him that we live and move and have our being. Amen… and… Amen again!!

Transformation Meditation 1 0 1

Transformation Meditation 1 0 1 is what l like to call the first things first approach into the art of meditation.

I recently heard someone say… If you don’t recognize the problem, there’s no hope of moving toward a solution to the problem.

So, I say all of that to lead into this…

Before you or I can begin to meditate or think about things that are lovely, acceptable or pleasing, we must have a new way of viewing the world in which we live.

There are many different world views and philosophical points of view… Yeah… I know, many people think and believe that all roads lead to the same place.

That is the problem my dear friend that needs to be recognized…

You see the word of God tells us that we are not to be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds that we might prove that what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. We find that instruction in Romans 12:2.

This is where it must begin… If we don’t see or believe that we need to exchange our way of thinking for God’s way of thinking… Well, beloved, I’m afraid that there’s very little hope of discovering the abundant life and the plans that God has purposed for us as his children.

What are The Lovely Things?

As we prepare ourselves for this weeks transformation meditation on whatever things are lovely, there are a few things that we must be convinced of.

1 God is right and we’re not. We must be convinced that the truth gets its origin from God. 

2  As I  mentioned before we must recognize that we have a problem with our thought life and that our minds have need of being renewed.

3 God has already decided what’s lovely acceptable and pleasing and we need his help to see things his way.

Now here’s the deal…

In the past few weeks, we have look at Whatever is true, whatever is just, and whatever is honest.

So, this week as we continue to transform our minds by meditating on whatever is lovely, acceptable and pleasing…these are definitely a few of the things that we should contemplate or meditate on.

I mean after all isn’t that what’s true,  that which is just and that what is honest all lovely things to think about?

Enjoy this week of meditation…

And as always beloved…

Keep up the good practice…and experience the power of God working to give you a new life…through meditation.

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