If There Is Any Praise…Transformation Meditation

if there is any praise

If There Is Any Praise…Transformation Meditation

Surely if there is any praise…or as I have read in one other translation of the word of God, “if there is anything praiseworthy”… Think on these things.

As I mentioned in the previous lecture that this thought process which is given unto us in Philippians 4:8 should first and foremost point us to the virtues of God.

This could not be more true or appropriate when it comes to our praise.

There are a plethora of things to praise God about.


When the bible talks about if there be anything praiseworthy I am reminded of the song that says if I had ten thousand tongues.

A lot of us as Christians…myself included… has made the mistake of thinking that the phrase if I had ten thousand tongues, is found in the bible.

It’s not though…

And the closest verse that comes to that is found in 1 Corinthians 14:19 where the Apostle Paul says that he would rather speak five words that can be understood…rather than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue that the church can’t begin to understand.

I paraphrase of course.

And yet when it comes to us offering God praise… If we all had ten thousand tongues we still could never praise him enough.


Praise is Comely.

When I say praise is comely… it’s another way of me saying that praise is beautiful.

Psalm 147:1 begins as such…

Praise ye the Lord, for it, is good to sing praises unto our God, for it is pleasant; and praise is comely.

Beloved, as the Lord lives there is always something to sing and shout hallelujah for and about. Especially when it comes to the only God and Savior of the world.

Your day may not be going as you planned… Praise the Lord you got to see another day.

You don’t like the job your in… Hallelujah… You have a full-time job that pays on time.

Your children didn’t get straight A’s on their report cards… Praise God that they work hard, have good study habits and they don’t cheat.

Your car is 15 years old… Praise God that it’s still in good running condition and you are not on public transportation.

Or how about this… You have to take public transportation to work… Hallelujah… You can get to and from work every day safely and economically.

You see my beloved friend for every one thing that you… and I… can bring a complaint against, there are at least 5 things that we can praise our God for and about.

When The Praises Go Up.

 I’m pretty sure that you have probably heard the saying…

When the praises go up the blessings come down.

This is another saying that sounds like it should be in the bible…  But it isn’t.


You won’t find that in your bible either.

But there is a verse in the bible that tells us that God will open the windows of heaven and pour us out a blessing that we don’t have room enough to receive.

You can find that particular scripture in Malachi 3:10.

So you see blessings do come down from heaven… But they are promised to come to us if we are obedient and give of our tithes and offerings as the Lord commands.


And I guess one of my favorite quotes by Dr.Stanley is also applicable here as well.

What’s the quote you ask?

Well, beloved, it is this… And I quote…

Obey God and leave the consequences to him… End quote.

tithes and offerings

Now please don’t misunderstand me…


Because I am not saying that the only way that we can expect to be blessed of God is by giving of our tithes and offerings.

Far from it… But that subject is for another lecture… So, let’s focus on praising our God the way that he deserves to be honored and praised.


Is Praise a Command or Only a Suggestion?

I was going to leave this statistic for later… but, I figure there’s no time like the present.

Did you know that the phrase “praise the Lord” is found in the Old and New Testament of the Bible approximately 250 times as a command or in a declarative statement?

And no… my beloved friend I didn’t count them all… someone else did that work for me…

As a matter of fact, you can read more about giving praise to God at faithalone.org. 

I honestly believe that it’s to be one of the most important things about praising God that you will discover.

Now, if you haven’t already figured out the answer to the question of whether to praise the Lord is a command or that it’s only a suggestion?

The answer is… It’s a command, my dear friend. Yet most of the church seems to treat it like a suggestion.

God deserves all praise, honor, and glory.

Can you think of anything to praise the Lord for?

Just as I mentioned before…that as we look at and meditate on the whatever things in Philippians 4:8… If there’s anything that is praiseworthy it is the Lord.

When preparing this lecture there was something brought to my attention that I am almost ashamed to admit… But, nevertheless here I go again.

Think about this with me if you will.

Have you ever notice that when you or someone may say the words praise the Lord to someone… that most of the time one will respond with praise the Lord or hallelujah back to them again?


I am guilty to have done it myself.

Well, this is what the article that I mentioned above brought to my attention.

But not only that…  being that the phrase “praise the Lord” is a command… shouldn’t we do just that?

I mean just like the man said… to say praise the Lord or hallelujah is not praising the Lord.

But somehow we as the church has gotten it confused.

And with that said…

Let us look at what it means to praise the Lord…

Okay, beloved most of us know that Hallelujah is the Hebrew word for “praise the Lord.”

I’m pretty sure that you have probably heard the saying that Hallelujah is the highest praise as well.

That’s probably another one of those popular sayings that folks may believe to be in the bible as well. But it’s not.

Interestingly enough though…I did a little research on it. I mean that I did research on the highest praise thing and found that quite a few people were inquiring about it.

So, here is my take on the expression… I have always thought that to praise the Lord is the highest praise above any other type of praise.

Do you get what I am saying?

In other words… to praise the Lord is the highest praise.

So, in essence, we should be saying…


To praise the Lord is the highest praise.


Nothing is to be praised above the Lord.


What exactly does it mean to praise the Lord?

What if I told you that one of the biblical definitions of the word praise is defined as such…

To act madly, or it is to act like a madman.

But of course, there are a few more civilized definitions so to speak…

Such as…

To shine.

To make boast of.

To glory… and also to make a fool of oneself.

But let us look at the definition “to act like a mad man.”

King David comes to mind… He was a man of praise.

As a matter of fact, the Bible records a time when David came out of his clothes as he praised God.

Kind of like a mad man or one making a fool of himself because he thought so highly of God.

We should be like David.

And yet we are… But unfortunately, it’s just not when it comes to the things of God and God himself.

We only act like mad men and women when it comes to sports and other stuff like that. That’s also a topic for another time as well.

So, for now, let’s stick too…


A Very Fitting Finale.

It is so fitting that the whatever things verse finale would be to think on things the that are praiseworthy.

And I guess it’s also fitting that I tell you why I say that too… huh?

Well, if you recall how it was said that when we begin to think of things that are true… The truth leads us to things that are honest. And the things that are honest… give us things that are just.

The just things disclose the pure things of God… and those things that are pure… display things that are lovely.

The lovely things can only produce in us a good report… a good report comes from God… and tells us of his excellent virtue and God in his excellent virtue is worthy to be praised.


Think about those things.


 The Command To Praise The Lord.

Now that we have a better understanding of what it looks like to praise the Lord. Let us explore the word of God and discover some of the things that we should be praising the Lord for… and about.

As I mentioned earlier there are approximately 250 times that we see the admonition or declarative of praising the Lord…

Let’s look at a handful of them from the Old Testament and from the New Testament of the Bible and discover how we can praise God, and what we can praise him for.

Psalm 150:2.

Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.

Psalm 149:4.

For the LORD taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation.


Psalm 104:24.

LORD, how many are your works. In wisdom have you made them all. The earth is full of your riches.

The next verse is one out of the New Testament, and it’s one that we should meditate on and definitely give praises to God for at all times.

We find the promise in…

Romans 8:28.

And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.


Here is another great and marvelous thing to praise God for…

Philippians 4:19.

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

So I ask you, my beloved friend, just as it is stated in Romans 8:31.

What then are we to say about these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?


Now, that’s a truth and a promise that we can really lift up our voices and shout our praise unto the God who deserves all the honor and glory. Amen.


Well, beloved, this is going to conclude our Transformation Meditation lectures on Philippians 4:8… Whatever things.


My prayer is that you were able to glean from what I have been allowed to share with you during these past weeks.


So, be on the lookout for the next series that will be featured on the New Day Meditation Channel.


And as always beloved.


Keep up the good practice…

And experience the power of God


working to give you a new life…

through… meditation.


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