Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities

There are endless possibilities when it comes to meditating on the word of God.


And yet a very important thing to remember about meditating is that thoughts are going to constantly come into your mind.

That’s just how things are.


Thoughts come…

What we have to do is learn how not to take action or react to those thoughts when we are meditating.

There’s something else that I had not taken notice of before and it is that every thought that comes to us demands an action or reaction from us.

But here’s the truth.

We don’t have to respond to every thought that comes to our minds.

We as human beings are accustomed to taking action or reacting to our thoughts… and part of the reason for that is because…

thoughts trigger emotions.

We will talk more about that at some other time…

But for now, the main thing to remember is that when thoughts come into our minds we must learn to be still.

Now please don’t misunderstand me because there are times that when thoughts arise in us… we need to take action.

But think of practicing meditation this way…

The Bible teaches that we should be quick to listen and slow to speak. James 1:19

We can use that same principle when we are practicing meditation.


When we are talking it’s very hard to listen.


Therefore we must remain silent so that we can understand what’s being said… and then we can give an appropriate answer.

The same is with meditation.

When thoughts come to us we must remain still and realize that we don’t have to react to them…

and the thought will eventually go away…

or simply be replaced with another thought.

You Can’t Combat a Thought with a Thought.

There are a few things that we need to understand concerning our thoughts.

And a key point to understand…

is that what we attend too most will govern our thought life in a very significant way.

There’s another truth about thoughts that we must understand as well. And it is that we need to know who and what source our thoughts are coming from?

Our brains are like supercomputers and it records everything that we look at…

listen to…


feel or even smell.

Our thoughts generally come from and are energized from 2  sources and the source is either… God our Heavenly Father… or Satan the enemy.


The thing that we as Christians must remain aware of about Satan is that he will sometimes disguise his thoughts to look like God.

The Bible teaches us that Satan can and will disguise himself as an angel of light.

This is why we as followers of Christ must constantly study the word of God.

If the Devil could manage to trick Eve in the garden how much more can he trick you and me without the discernment of the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us?

Endless possibilities 2

Jesus has already told us that without him we can do nothing. John 15:5

There’s yet another reason why we as followers of Christ must constantly study his word.


And it’s because you and I can’t combat or control a thought with a thought… We will have to open our mouth and speak the word of God against it.

Knowing where our thoughts come from equips us to respond too or take action in the right way.

Studying and knowing God’s word will train us to know God’s voice versus Satan’s voice.

The Advantage of The Christian | Endless Possibilities

I believe that we as Christians have a great advantage over every other meditative practice known to man.

So, why do I say that?

Well, it’s because we have the Book of life at our disposal.

Yes, we have the Book of all books. The Word Of GOD.

God tells us to meditate in this book day and night and in doing so…

it will bring life and health to all of our flesh. Proverbs 4:22 and Proverbs 3:8 teaches us this.

The great advantage that we have as Christians is that we have so much to meditate on in the Bible and there are literally endless possibilities yet to be discovered.

In the following videos, I will share with you some excellent verses from the bible that I  use when practicing meditation in and throughout the word of God.

So, please stay tuned.


21 Days of Meditation_Week #1



21 Days of Meditation_Week #2



21 Days of Meditation_Week #3



And as always beloved…

Keep up the good practice…

and experience the power of God working to give you a new life…

through… meditation.

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